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Wood Boiler BM 60KW Axinar

Wood Boiler BM 60KW Axinar
Wood Boiler BM 60KW Axinar
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  • Model: LXABM002
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The BM wood boiler was designed to offer unbeatable economy in demanding operating conditions.

It is equipped with a lambda sensor, which adjusts the air supply to the combustion chamber in order to ensure the ideal ratio of fuel consumption and performance. In addition, the flue gas thermometer and the double centrifugal fan it carries limit heat loss from the chimney, as well as particulate emissions into the atmosphere.

Its innovative design provides the ability to control up to four room thermostats, adjusting the temperature in each room to the levels desired by the user. Also, the automatic "pyrolisys cleaning" function helps to remove tar and deposits from the walls of the boiler, making it easier to clean.

Characteristic of its unparalleled functionality is how it harmonizes its functions with the most demanding environmental conditions. The patented innovation with a magnetic flap at the air inlet, adjusts the intensity of the flame in the combustion chamber, as a result of which the room temperature is maintained constant, even in cases of power failure, while it supports three ways of burning the wood, depending on their moisture content . Thus, the maximum possible efficiency is achieved, both when the fuel contains a low and a high percentage of moisture. In addition, it has an anti-freeze function and alternative heat source control, which switches to an oil boiler in case the fuel quantity runs out. This way we ensure maximum economy and comfort.

Finally, the innovative boiler overheating management system and the integrated heat-cooling exchanger provide high operational safety, without the risk of unwanted situations.


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