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Payment Methods

All prices are final and include VAT.

After you complete your order, we offer you 4 payment methods to choose the one that serves you best:

1. By deposit to a bank account

IBAN: GR4770100000000573037399738

IBAN: LT44 3250 0108 7940 8600

Your order will not be shipped until we receive your payment.

When submitting, you must write your full name and the order code or codes if there is more than one.

Once you make the deposit, you should send us a copy of it to or inform us by phone at 2310688597, to complete the process.

After receiving a valid copy of the deposit of the total amount, the process of processing and confirming the order is followed and the relevant e-mails are sent to you.

Important note: In the case of ordering and paying by bank deposit, the product is held for 3 working days in standby status until the payment is made by you. In the event that payment is not made within 3 working days, the product is released and is again free for sale, while the order is considered invalid.

2. Cash on delivery

The cash on delivery service is an extra service that is charged with the amount of €3 (three Euros), in addition to the cost of transport.

3. By credit or debit card

You can pay using your credit or debit card, through the secure environment of Viva Wallet. You select as a payment method, during the Checkout "By debit/credit card (via Vivawallet)" and you are redirected to a secure environment of Viva Wallet where you fill in your details. Then you automatically return to our eshop and your order and payment are confirmed.

4. With PAYPAL

Pay your online orders instantly and safely with the reliability of PayPal. Transactions carried out via PayPal are exclusively for delivery to the customer's premises and are not combined with other payment methods. For more information on how to register as well as transactions via PayPal, you can visit