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CH 1500A

Diplomat DPL-CH 1500AAluminum ConvectorMechanical controlFall protectionThermoregulatorWall mounting..

80.60€ Ex Tax: 65.00€

CH 1500B

Diplomat DPL-CH 1500BAluminum Convector Electronic control with LED displayManual and remote co..

83.70€ Ex Tax: 67.50€

CH 2000A

Diplomat DPL-CH2000AAluminum ConvectorMechanical controlFall protectionThermoregulatorWall mounting ..

91.97€ Ex Tax: 74.17€

CH 2000B

Diplomat DPL-CH 2000B Aluminum Convector Electronic control with LED displayManual and rem..

95.07€ Ex Tax: 76.67€

CH 7009

Convector Diplomat DPL CH 7009Cold /  Hot airAdjustable thermostatThermoregulatorA turbo f..

69.23€ Ex Tax: 55.83€

CH 7009T

Convector Diplomat DPL CH 7009TCold /  Hot air24 - hour timerAdjustable thermostatThermore..

77.50€ Ex Tax: 62.50€

CH 7012

Convector Diplomat DPL CH 7012Cold /  Hot airAdjustable thermostatThermoregulatorA turbo fan pr..

60.97€ Ex Tax: 49.17€

CH 7013W

Convector Diplomat DPL CH 7013WAdjustable thermostatOverheat protectionConvenient for carrying (with..

53.73€ Ex Tax: 43.33€

CH 7013WT

Convector Diplomat DPL CH 7013WTAdjustable thermostat24 - hour timerOverheat protectionConvenient fo..

64.07€ Ex Tax: 51.67€

CH 7014 B

Diplomat DPL CH 7014 BWall mountingStylish glass panel24-hour electronic timerRemote controlTouch co..

71.82€ Ex Tax: 57.92€