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GK Energy offers you energy and money saving solutions, ensuring you the desired quantity, at the best prices on the market, one of the renewable energy sources: Pellet

  • Pellets Absolutely ecological (100% natural product) without chemical additives.
  • Pellets from 100% peeled wood 
  • Pellet with a package where it does not allow moisture to penetrate inside so it can be stored for as long as the user desires
  • Pellets that do not release gases that are harmful to the health of persons
  • Pellet friendly to any heating system

What does GK Energy stand for

We always choose for you products that meet the international standards, with maximum heating capacity and with top quality, at the best prices on the market.

Take advantage of our great variety and buy Pellet for the needs of your home or business.

Our field of activity covers all of Greece.

For any information, contact us.

-Diameter 6 mm.-Humidity - maximum <10%-Cinders - maximum <0.7% -Calorific value - >19 Mj /Kg 5,4 KWH/ Kg Ameco Renewable Energy SRL produces in Romania of coniferous trees an excellent quality Pellet. High calorific value, without chemical additives, is the ideal altern..
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Model: RIV0004
-Diameter   6 mm.-Humidity  < 10%-Ash           < 0.7% -Calorific value   5.31kw / kgPellet Rivko is a high calorific product that is produced from 100% Pine wood, Class Class A1 suitable for all types of burners, with low ash production econom..
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-Diameter 6 mm.-Humidity - maximum <10%-Cinders - maximum <0.5% -Calorific value - 5.10Kw/Kg The No. 1 in the European market, a high calorific product with low ash production, is produced from fir wood.It is accompanied by EN PLUS Certificates and is the ideal solution for an e..
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